Today we want to talk to you about a spectacular place just 5 km from the inn.

In the town of Langre we find one of the most spectacular landscapes on the western coast, the Langre cliffs. If you visit it you will find two beaches, the small one about 200 meters long in which the end of the cliff stands out; some say the rock looks like a lion, a sphinx...

The large beach has 800 meters of golden beach where you can enjoy the sun, a good swim and good waves for wave lovers. Both are protected by a cliff more than 20 meters high.

Natural pools between the cliffs.

If, in addition to the beach, you like to walk or want to take a walk after a day at the beach, explore the cliffs on foot. If you head towards Tranquilos beach in the town of Loredo, passing over the small beach, you can enjoy wonderful views between meadows and cornfields. When the tide is low you can see the natural pools of Langre. Access is difficult but the site is unique. Don't forget that in the Cantabrian Sea there are tides and you can only visit them at low tide.

As a curiosity, I can tell you that Langre beach was Felix Rodríguez de la Fuente's favorite when he visited Santander. Today it is somewhat less wild than years ago when its access was through a path between rocks. Today there is a staircase. But many birds still fly along the cliff walls, those that Felix liked to observe so much.

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