Trasmiera – Posada Río Cubas, Where are we?

Trasmiera – Posada Río Cubas, ¿ Dónde estamos?

To begin, we want to place ourselves on the map, especially for those who do not know Cantabria. This way they will be able to locate us and know what they will find when they arrive.

We are located in the municipality of Ribamontán al Monte, on the eastern coast of Cantabria, facing the bay of Santander.

If I had to explain where our inn is, I would tell you that it is in a beautiful landscape. If you open your window when you get up, you can enjoy a unique place. Surrounded by green, very green meadows.

Looking to the South, the first thing you will see is a field full of dwarf goats that demand a caress and some bread as you pass by them. The peaks of the Miera and Asón valley.

To the west we have Peña Cabarga, which you can go up in your car and see on its northern side the bay and city of Santander. The towns of Astillero and Pontejos joined by a bridge that was inaugurated in 1966 and changed the lives of all the people who lived in Trasmiera, since they stopped depending on maritime transport when traveling to the city and with  This will connect the entire coast from Artillero to Santoña. And to the south the Cabárceno nature park to which we will dedicate a post due to its importance.

From room 16 or 14 you can see Santander, the eastern coast with the beaches of Loredo, Langre or Galizano.

But that is not all. Although it may seem like only countryside surrounds you, just 10 minutes away you have several dream beaches: Somo and Loredo and El Puntal, with its 7 km of fine sand where you can walk, do water sports, play paddle tennis... or drink Sun.

We have Langre beach (with a nudist area at the back), and Galizano beach, ideal if you go with children.

For those who love walking, we have several itineraries without having to take a car.

And a large number of options to make your stay fantastic.

From this space we will dedicate a few letters each day to describe each option.

GPS coordinates:
Latitude: 43º 25′ 27″ N
Length: 3º 42 02″ W

Santander 20 minutes
Cabárceno Park 15 minutes
Somo and Langre beaches At 5 minutes
Boat passage to Santander 10 minutes
Santoña Marshes 15 minutes
Prehistoric Caves of Puente Viesgo 20 minutes
Santillana and Altamira Cave 30 minutes
Castro Urdiales 30 minutes
Bilbao and Guggenheim 45 minutes
Soplao Caves 50 minutes
Caprice of Gaudí and Comillas 35 minutes

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