“V Conference of Historical Recreation Argüeso Castle” (Argüeso, July 4 and 5)

“V Jornadas de Recreación Histórica Castillo de Argüeso” (Argüeso, 4 y 5 de Julio)

On July 4th (morning and afternoon) and July 5th (until 2:00 p.m.), the Castle of San Vicente de Argüeso hosts the V Conference of Historical Recreation.

Family leisure throughout the weekend, you will experience first-hand the atmosphere that existed in a medieval castle back in the 13th century.

Walking through the castle, you may come across some children playing taboos, or a knight making arrows, or, perhaps, a group of women who, with the patience of the time, make delicate embroidery that will later become a belt or a a diadem to decorate her hair.

The different clans arriving from various Autonomous Communities will show the “Arrival of the Lord at the Castle”, and “Dressing the Lady and the Knight” among other activities, and you may even be able to try your skill with the bow or spear.

You cannot miss this historical recreation with a very interesting activity program for family leisure.

Individual entrance to the castle: €2 (from 3 years old)

Group ticket: €1.50 (from 15 people)

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